”Yerevan jazz fest 2017” to kick off by Grammy award winner Marcus Miller’s solo performance

In the opinion of famous bassist, composer, Grammy Award winner Marcus Miller jazz music is the best way for self­expression. By the solo concert of the musician “Yerevan jazz fest 2017” will kick off on October 26 at Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex. “I have been hearing about this festival and your beautiful country for some years. When I got to know that I can participate in the jazz fest and spend one day here, I got very enthusiastic. Festivals are an excellent means to communicate with new audiences. I consider the greatest achievement when a musician plays just three notes and people recognize his handwriting”, Miller said, joking that he does not know if he will be recognized after 3 notes, but they will probably do it after 5 notes. Miller is called man­orchestra since he masters various musical instruments. “I love all the instruments. Each of them has its characteristic feature”, he said, adding that bass is something unique for him.