Vardges Sureniants

It is impossible to speak about culture and art without mentioning Vardges Sureniants. Vardges Sureniants is an Armenian painter, who is categorised as a realistic painter. Surenianc has got education of sculpture, painting, architecture and line drawing. He traveled to Italy in 1881 and visited San Lazarro deli Armeni (island) and studied there Armenian fine art and Armenian Manuscript in the library of Armenian Catholic congregation of the Mechitarists. In 1916 Surenianc together with Martiros Sarian and Panos Terlemezian founded the Armenian Artistic Society. In 1917 Surenianc moved to Yalta (Ukraine) where he drew decorations on the altar, walls and dome of newly built Armenian Cathedral. He is known for his illustrations of famous literary works of Alexander Pushkin’s (Russian poet) The Fountain of Bakhchisaray, fairy tales of Oscar Wilde (Irish poet), works by Georges Rodenbach (Belgian poet), Smbat Shahaziz (Armenian poet) and so on… Surenianc also painted feature scenes from various historical events.

Painting 1: a painting for an Armenian fairy tale, “The old in front of the king” Painting 2: a sketch for the Armenian church in Yalta, Ukraine Painting 3: a sketch for the Armenian church in Yalta, Ukraine Painting 4: “A knight woman”, 1909 Painting 5: “Worship”, 1899 Painting 6: «Խրիմյան Հայրիկ»/”Khrimyan Hayrik”, an Armenian catholicos, 1906 Painting 7: “St. Mary with child”, 1895 Painting 8: A portrait of a man Painting 9: “A Greek woman selling jug”, 1901 Painting 10: painted in 1894

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