The program “Arar” in online format

The program “Arar: The program of preservation, dissemination, development and popularization of national culture in the regions of the Republic of Armenia” of the RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports continues to be implemented online by presenting teacher training courses and students’ homework via social networks (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram).

The program continues to be fully operational during the summer holidays. Schoolchildren are actively involved in creative courses aimed at teaching intangible cultural heritage. In recent months, the number of views of the online classes has exceeded 70,000.

In addition to the above-mentioned courses, children from different communities and groups involved in the program have already participated in three online exhibitions (“Dedicated to the Armenian Genocide”, “Victory May”, “May Triple Holiday”), as well as four international events – competitions, festivals, flash mobs (UNESCO International Monument Competition, 9th Art Music International Art Festival, Russian Heritage Festival, Ari Pari Kochari Armenian Flashmob).

It should be noted that the program is being implemented in 26 communities of 5 regions of Armenia. Twelve local specialists in 19 creative groups teach traditional song and dance, fine arts, carpet weaving, lace and embroidery, pottery, stone, wood and metal art and khachkar art.

The goal of the program is to preserve and disseminate intangible cultural heritage in the regions of Armenia, to establish public care and respect for the Armenian intangible cultural heritage, as well as to ensure the transmission of that heritage to future generations.

You can get acquainted with the program at the following link:

Participation is free, you can write on the program’s Facebook page (ARAR Armenian Art Center ԱՐԱՐ հայ արվեստի պահպանման և հանրահռչակման ծրագիր Facebook page) or call 077 752 929.

RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports

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