The Museum of Armenian «Vordan karmir» Carpet

It’s not an end in itself to call The Armenian Carpet Museum, founded by The Armenian National Carpet Center, as ”Vordan Karmir”; the museum comes to continue centuries-old traditions, to create a format for the protection, defence and popularization of the Armenian carpet and Vordan karmir.

The Armenian carpets and other fabrics had been painted Vordan Karmir, our manuscripts had been illustrated written with it, Armenian kings and Catholicoses also had stamped with Vordan karmir. Both Armenian and foreign historians had written about the ”Araratian Vordan karmir” or ”Royal tsirani”.

The production of the Vordan Karmir paint was so developed in Artashat, that it was called «Garietyul-qrmizi» by Arabs, that is, «Village of the Vordan karmir paint» and the paint was called ”Armenian”.

In the 13-14th centuries the production of the Armenian Vordan Karmir was significantly reduced and the ways of its production were gradually being forgotten. However the interest in Vordan karmir never decreases. Today, Vordan Karmir still continues to be of great interest to researchers and creators by its importance and popularity, becoming a subject of research and a source of inspiration. The last renovations of the the Armenian Vordan Karmir carpet museum are underway at Abovyan 3, noting that the opening of this long-awaited museum will take place soon.

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