The Armenian army is a Guarantee for Social Security and Peace: The Cultural Figures Congratulate

The security base of The Republic of Armenia, The Armed Forces of RA, celebrates the 27th anniversary of the formation on January 28. Actor Vigen Stepanyan and poet Husik Ara sent their congratulations to The Armenian Army.

“The army is the foundation of any country, the guarantee for peace and social security. We have a very good army: brilliant boys, brilliant officers. I always treat our army with great respect and veneration, I trust them and I am proud that my country has such an army”, said Stepanyan. He wished peace to our army and added that he wants the boys not to be caused to imperil their lives in the front, and the hostile neighbors to finally understand that the Artsakh will never be theirs.

According to Husik Ara, we have dreamed of having an army for centuries. “The army is our pride, our essence, our defender. Our army is not a fighting but peace asserting army”, said the poet. He recalled that in the 1990s as well we started the liberation movement, and it is not accidental that we called the heroes freedom fighters. “Today our youth, the officer and commander staff serve with the same awareness and in case of need, as we saw in April, can give his life for the sake of the land, the country, the family, the infinite peace”, he told. Husik Ara stressed: “Asleep or wide awake, we think about our army because there are our sons, our friends and brothers. Glory to our army, may God grant our soldiers’ weapons bleed with flowers”.

The formation of the RA army coincides with 1992-1994, when already the independent Republic of Armenia and The Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, being in an undeclared but actually in a state of war with Azerbaijan, at the same time got on with the creation of a national army. Nevertheless, the Declaration of Independence, which de facto claimed Armenia as independent and in which new legal and practical prospects were opened for the creation of the national army, played a decisive role in the creation of the Armenian army in 1990.

On January 28, 1992, the Government made a historical decision on “The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia”, thus legally declaring the establishment of the Armenian national army. In May 1992 the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia began the first call for military service in the territory of the Republic, laying a foundation for the sustainable tradition of conscripting the army.