Reception at the “National dance” section of “Arar” center in Khachik village

Those, who wish to study for free without age limitation can study at the “Arar” centre of the RA Ministry of Culture. To study in Khachik, you should apply to “Arar” folk art expert Bela Arakelyan. Tel: 094 90 59 41

Arar centre was initiated by RA Minister of Culture Armen Amiryan and adviser to the Minister Arsen Grigoryan. The goal of the centre is to preserve, develop, disseminate and popularize folk culture in the regions of Armenia.

The program focuses on the following key areas: folk song and dance, fine arts, carpet weaving and carpet making, lace-making and embroidery, ceramics, stone, wood and metal artwork, and cross-stitching.

Local professionals of the corresponding folk art were selected to implement the program by teaching various types of art in cities and villages of the Republic of Armenia.