Mountain taste and aroma of plaits: Sorrel

Eating a salad or a soup made of sorrel in any café or home, we are transporting mentally to a childhood, remember the days spent in village and grandmother, who carefully chose specially selected leaves of sorrel and then carefully and with great love plaited it, garnering in an every plait the taste and aroma of mountains.

This interesting tradition of plaiting and drying of plant is peculiar only to Armenians. The sorrel grows in fields, it is collected, plaited and dried for the winter. According to the chroniclers, that tradition has a history of more 1000 years. During the drying pr

This interesting plant is delicious as a food and useful as a medicine. It is known that it especially very helpful for curing the gastrointestinal tract, it cleans and soothes the body, it is treatment also in case of common cold. As a favorite dish, the sorrel is our lovely plait, which is a must component of many housewives emergency store. It is familiar to all of us, and the taste and aroma lovely. The fresh and dry leaves of sorrel is used in food. During The Lent the dishes especially made of sorrel is among the list of wanted.

It is remarkable that in recent years already the sorrel as food, left the house status and to begin to be used also in points of public catering. Today in our best restaurants you can enjoy a lot of great food made of sorrel, which obviously exceed our home overviews. The soups are made of sorrel, as well as a variety of salads, flavoured with variety of pastes and spices. Roasted sorrel also has an assortment for lovers of different flavors. The gourmets that practiced to traditional use of sorrel can also try purees and pies and make sure that this product is immeasurably useful and also very tasty.

Information “Armenian cuisine traditions of development and preservation” the public organization member, chief Tigran Ohanyan.

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