“CASA” fund offers “Ethnography” course in 2019 Feb 11th to the 25th

“CASA” fund offers “Ethnography” course in 2019 Feb 11th to the 25th, which will feature Armenian traditional dress, food system and family, also their contemporary manifestations.

Course specialist in Ethnography Museum Deputy Director for science, more than 80 articles author, doctor of history and philological Sciences, ethnographer Svetlana Poghosyan.

  1. Course total cost 9.000 AMD.

  2. Lecture participation fee 3.000 AMD.

Course theme

February 11, at. 18: 00-20: 00

Traditional Armenian Dress.

The System of Armenian Traditional Dress.

Characteristics of Armenian Traditional Dress.

Functions of Armenian Traditional Armenian Dress: iconic, social, etc.

Teaser, ornaments and colors programmers.

Traditional dress today and fashion.

Feb 18, at. 18:00 – 20:00

Armenian traditional and modern food system.

Food structure.

Ritual Complexes.


The image of toaster in Armenia.

February 25, at. 18: 00 – 20.00

Armenian traditional and modern family.

Traditional Armenian family.

Armenian traditional apartment.

Traditional apartment’s interior and household goods.

Economic life particular features.

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