Armenian Genocide film "The Promise" screened in Syria

"The Promise", a feature film about the Armenian Genocide was screened in Damascus, Syria on Monday, October 31.

The war drama centers on a love story involving a medical student (Oscar Isaac), a journalist (Christian Bale), and the Armenian woman (Charlotte Le Bon) who steals their hearts. All three find themselves grappling with the Ottomans’ decision to begin rounding up and persecuting Armenians during the first genocide of the 20th century.

A number of officials from the Armenian embassy, Syrian parliament members, cultural figures and religious leaders attended the event.

Prior to the screening, ambassador Arshak Poladyan detailed the history of the Armenian Genocide and the Armenophobic policies that the Ottoman Empire was famous for at the time.

Poladyan then drew the attention of those present to Turkey's anti-Armenian position and the denialist policy, adding, however, that the process of the international recognition of the Armenian Genocide has entered a whole new stage.