Announcement of a Pan-European program «Regional Transformation»

The Ministry of Culture announces the launch of a Pan-European program «Regional Transformation» which is open for applications until 13-th September, 2015. The program is implemented by the Foundation Robert Bosch and the organization MitOst e. V.. The program is aimed at achieving sustainable, inclusive urban development through cultural activities. It is realized by strengthening cooperation between the spheres: there are formed teams of representatives from the fields of culture, public and private sectors that have programs in their cities. Using culture as a means the program can solve a number of social, political and environmental problems associated with urban changes. For the implementation of joint programs local teams can get support in the form of grants and individual control. At the international level by means of business classes, seminars, study sessions and visits they can improve their skills, as well as to work with the teams who arrived from different cities thereby expanding cooperation with European cities. Applications can be presented until September 13, 2015. For details you can visit the websites and Tel. +49 303151 74-73 Fax. +49303151 74-71 E-mail: