Craftsmanship is a rather widespread sphere in Armenia. Farming, cattle breeding and rich mineral resources have contributed to its development. The manufacture of sheep wool, cotton, flax, silkworm and cattle fur has greatly contributed to the development of textile and leather crafts. In course of time, the growing demands of peoples have stimulated the development of metallurgy. Based on existing archaeological and bibliographical materials we can indubitably indicate the existence of such crafts in Armenian cities as metallurgy with its varieties, ironwork, perhaps steel products, copper, products of which are weapons, working tools, objects of everyday life and ornaments, discovered during the excavations, stacking and carpentry in general, witnesses of which are miscellaneous fortresses and buildings and stone gilding jewellery belonging to them, pottery with its branches, starting from large and small clay vessels up to the terracotta sculptures, sculpture, glassworks, woodcraft, weaving, jewellery, etc.

In the early past, home-made crafts were common in Armenia, and during the period of advanced avant-garde, market crafts, which survived in the conditions of large capitalist industry, have reached our days. Skilled market craftsmen have created high-quality, often high-value art products. The crafts of fur, leather goods, pottery, wood processing are older.

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